I don't know which Arcana to pick

Pick Love

Ok, for real. Most new players will run into the following issues when picking an Arcana


  1. You have no idea what the individual Arcana's do

  2. Even if you knew what the Arcana's did, you have no idea how this integrates and affects your game since you havn't actually played against people yet

  3. You don't even know what you want because you don't know how to play just yet to know what you want

  4. There are alot of Arcanas to pick from

Picking an Arcana for yourself is quite a long process, involving Soul Searching, Experimentation, research, you name it. I think it took me quite a few years even, to find the Arcana I wanted to play with Konoha.

So...I am going to guide you through picking an Arcana that is right for you, assuming you have found the character you want to play


  • Know what Arcanas actually do - [Here]


Step 1 - Decide a starting point

I would say there are 2 good ways to start. Depending on what your general aims with the game are

  • Pick a Strong Versatile Arcana - is nearly always good

  • Copy a pick you saw on youtube or niconico from a strong looking player - good if you just want something that has a higher chance to be meta for your character

Pick a Strong Versatile Arcana. The ones that are generally strong due to stats and good all around tools are, Love, Sacred, Tyr. If you pick one of these 3, you will be very unlikely to be severely crippled by a "strange" Arcana choice and you will be able to actually play the game. All 3 have great resource stats meaning you get a lot of freedom to spend resources which is very powerful even if you didn't use ANY of the tools those Arcanas give you. Quick Overview

Love - Laser, Fireball, "Zoning" orientated. Nearly always the recommended for beginners.

Sacred - A bit more poke focused with its 236E and j236E.

Tyr - More aggression focused. 623E is + tonnes on block. EZ mode pressure

For more details, check Wiki pages

Copy a pick. If somebody picks it, and wins a tournament with it...it can't be bad right? Honestly if you were looking to just pick something you know will be good for your character, it will take a bit more research, but this will work. The issue is sometimes you might get hard trolled and you might see a pick which makes no sense, played in tournament anyway. You also can't copy from a video if nobody plays that character 

This works best if you also discuss it with some vets, cause they hopefully will know some good meta picks, that they too use.


Step 2 - Go into training mode and try the Arcanas for yourself. Have a play around maybe try get some of your own tech using your imagination but its pretty unlikely you'll find any. If you went to copy a Meta Pick however, try to emulate what the player did in match videos using that Arcana. 


Step 3 - Play some Games against people. Chances are you are gonna get slaughtered...not much you can do about that. Once you get to a point where you are able to at least think about what is happening...


Step 4 - Think about what you felt like you NEED for your character, and things you DON'T need for your character with the current Arcana. For example if you picked Love and felt like you didn't like the Fireball, or didn't really need Sacred 236E


Step 5 - Ask in the Discord for a new Recommendation based on Step 4 and what Arcanas you have already tried. Then go back to Step 2


You will be repeating this a lot while you are playing, eventually you will find something that fits your own needs and wants. Its one of the clear ways in which Arcana is Unique and the customisation really gives you a lot of variation in matches, even though you are using the same character.

Oh, don't pick Punishment, ever

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